Witches (Bewitching Halloween Theme)

Witch, sorceress, enchantress, occultist, necromancer, hag, crone, the most iconic symbol of Halloween. The witch on her broom with her black cat and the scary pumpkin. Centuries of stories of witches riding the sky with their black cats on broom sticks, pumpkins and bubbling cauldrons. From the scary witches in the wizard of Oz, to Hansel and Gretel, and of course Harry Potter and the creepy stygian witches in Greek mythology. We love witches at Halloween. Cauldrons and spell bottles, carved pumpkins, broom sticks and cats, children and adults dressed in stripy stockings and black hats, this is my favourite Halloween theme.

Haunted House Theme

The haunted house theme, creepy spooky haunted Halloween. This symbolic theme has long appeared in literature from authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King to films old and new .The turn of the screw, poltergeist and crimson peak. The origins of this famous Halloween theme stems right back to the Egyptians, who evoked fear in people to stop their pyramids treasures being robbed setting up the suggestion of ghosts, ghouls and traps, mazes and hidden doors. Our modern Halloween interpretation we create a gothic old house with creepy floors and dimmed candelabra light . A Long formal Victorian spooky dining table with ornate chairs perfect for a Halloween supper and party.

Day of the Dead Theme

The Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos in Spanish) is a Mexican celebration of dead and reverence of ancestors.  This occurs on 31st October to November 1st /2nd. This is a festival which coincides with the similar Roman Catholic, celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls Day and the Pagan Halloween. This is a mixture of the catholic religion and old pagan customs. Very symbolic is the skull symbol dressing up and make up in black and white face painting and bright colours of the molly skull. This has become an iconic Halloween theme dressing up as skeletons with face painted skull faces, piñata and grave stones and of course marigolds.

Halloween Party

Grave Yard Theme

The haunting Halloween grave yard theme, is taken from the day of the dead and the Celts believing in the haunting of spirits on Samhain. With movies adding the bone chilling scary graveyards to spook us all, what would Halloween be without this. Create your own spooky graveyard scene with deathly tombstones, creepy zombies raising from the ground, spiders web and the deathly stare of the black bird and bats.

Halloween Marquee Themes