Party Ethos and Inportant Information

If you have been to one of our parties before, you know our philosophy is E I P - Equally Important People.
Our intention is that everybody has an outstanding and luxurious experience that all aspects of the party are like a thrilling journey shared in a loving space. We have done the best we can for you so we hope you enjoy! Please be kind to each other and staff and respect the space provided.

All our venues you enter at your own risk we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to guest’s personal property.
Bag searches on entry to all parties are at the discretion of the security. If guest refuse searches they may/will not be permitted in to the party. We accept no responsibility for accidents of any kind. 

Please act responsibly. We do not condone bad behavior and have the right to remove persons if they are deemed a danger to themselves or others.
Personal alcohol and illegal substances are not permitted at this party and guests will be refused entry if these items are found they may/will be confiscated and the appropriate authorities contacted.

No laughing gas of any kind is permitted at this party and any person found with it will/may be asked to leave this is at discretion of event holders and security.

Please be advised that we take video and photo images of the venue and guests during events and we reserve the exclusive rights to use these for promotion and publishing purposes.

Important info

Essence Club House Brand  encompasses Halloween Party and  sits under an umbrella company Marquees Direct LTD (Company number 3941557) any payments made to or from Essence Club or Halloween Party will show as Marquees Direct LTD.

​Marquees Direct Ltd
1 Lyndhurst Buildings
Lyndhurst Road

Tel 01344 876122


Company Registration: 3941557               
Company VAT: 816497891


About Us

Welcome to our Halloween website, Rebekah Abbi and Justin Essence are two party and Event Organisers / Promoters / Creative Freaks, who are crazy about Halloween.  Halloween Party sits under the Club House Brand Essence Club  currently produces its own annual Halloween Event and also other Spring Summer Events. 

This site was created around two main purposes,

1) To promote and inform all you wonderful people about the annual Halloween parties. Every year there is a different theme, this site will publish all the photos and videos so all you wonderful people can share the experience of these very unique stylish parties.

2) For you to be able to book your own dream Halloween venue with Marquees Direct whether it be a private event at your home or a corporate / public event.

So we also thought we would share Halloween history, ideas, costumes Halloween marquees and venues and just anything Halloween. Keep up to date with our blog as we eat sleep breath Halloween, well Rebecca does any way.

Rebekah Abbi’s passion is the fine detail, organisation and making sure everything is fabricated together in a way that is second to none. She looks at what other events lack and makes sure a shining example is set to the contrary.

She takes exceptional care in making sure every little detail is just perfect and that the end user has an easy as possible experience from the initial interest in the event right through to getting in the door / getting drinks etc easily and effortlessly.

Robyn Styles is the baby of the Halloween team. Robyn is responsible for the innovative make up. Robyn has a high level of creativity and huge attention to the makeup detail she is a YouTube junkie finding an improving the perfect makeup to go with all our themes.

Robyn is responsible for the pre and post admin at events and she also meets and greets clients ensuring everyone has a seamless experience. Daisy has a real passion for Halloween with lots of input and creativity that adds to our fantastic team. Check out the blog Daisy will be one of the authors writing and informing you all about Halloween. Check out the blog Robyn will be writing and posting Halloween make up dates.

Justin Essence is passionate about creating amazing venue spaces and in particular has an eye for the bigger all encompassing picture. Justin has explored the clubbing / venue world and his goal is to create the most amazing spaces and experiences for those seeking an exciting night to thrill all their senses.

He is also involved in music production and is an experienced DJ. His goal is to ensure that all nights are a musical journey rather than the “no thought” approach most events take.

Vinnie Read is a Foreman and as well building the structures and themes, he puts together props and comes up with build solutions. He makes sure things are done on schedule including during the event.

Easily influenced by Halloween mayhem and fun. Vinnie is always completely committed and looks forward to his Beer reward.

Halloween Party